With JVB Financial’s distribution platform, our Dealer, Institutional, and Advisor clients have a trading partner with access to the largest fixed income trading desks in the United States, offering the following advantages:

  • An experienced trading department with roots in the wholesale and institutional side of the business.
  • A broad range of Primary and Secondary offerings – you will not be limited to proprietary inventory like other firms.
  • Accurate and timely execution of fixed income transactions.
  • Personalized investment strategy, designed for your objectives.  Our Sales & Trading desk can assist with fixed income strategies, swap ideas, ladder and barbell strategies, portfolio analysis, and analytical support, and can provide up-to-the-minute market commentary and news.
  • A professional, knowledgeable, and energetic staff that understands the value of the broker-client relationship.  Our team will work hard to earn your trust and confidence.