JVB Brokered CDs

Using both fixed rate and variable rate financing, JVB’s Brokered CD Origination Desk offers banks a way of providing liability management by specializing as a Brokered CD agent for your institution.

We utilize our broker dealer syndicate and electronic trading platforms to provide banks immediate access to a nationwide deposit raising system, while acquiring no “brick and mortar” costs.

Extensive Distribution

JVB offers distribution through its vast syndicate of broker dealers, advisors, and institutions throughout the U.S.

  • Large volumes of CDs can be placed
  • Maturity dates can be arranged for optimal asset-liability matching


JVB is committed to offering banks our lowest All-In cost possible. The rate we offer is the lowest rate we feel confident will raise the deposits amount a bank needs.

  • All issues can be offered on a Best Efforts or Guaranteed (Take-down) level
  • Interest on all issues is calculated on an Actual/365 basis, and can be paid at the term requested by you: at maturity, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually


Once a Brokerage Agreement is on file with JVB, only a terms agreement needs to be signed by the bank to initiate a deal. With all issues being DTC Book Entry, the bank then needs to sign one master certificate per issue (provided by us) upon completion of the deal.

  • We can tailor a program to meet a bank’s needs by varying maturities, issue size, and settlements; sales of issues may also be restricted in any geographical area a bank may request
  • Banks can issue as often as necessary, thus laddering the incoming funds and the maturing principle
  • Banks may also increase the original sales amount if additional funds are needed
  • Many banks use Brokered CDs as a simplistic way of raising deposits year after year by renewing issues as they mature

Our Service Commitment

Our Brokered CD program is a simple and cost effective source of liquidity in most market conditions. We strive for the highest quality service and flawless execution on each and every deal.


If you are a bank representative and would like additional information, please contact the JVB Brokered CDs Desk at jvbbrokeredcds@jvbfinancial.com.