Underwriting / Origination

100612782JVB’s underwriting services provide debt issuers with extensive product and industry experience combined with a deep and wide distribution network in the dealer, institutional, and advisor space.

Brokered CDs

As a JVB issuing partner, you can reach untapped markets and stand out from the crowd. Using both fixed rate and variable rate financing, JVB’s CD Origination Desk offers banks a unique way of providing liability management by specializing as a Brokered CD agent for your institution. Learn more about JVB Brokered CDs

Structured Products

JVB’s Structured Products Group has specialized in the underwriting of Structured Notes and FDIC-Insured Structured Certificate of Deposits for almost a decade. We have partnered with Fortune 500 issuers, corporate treasurers, and the world’s leading financial institutions. As a result, we are able to provide broker dealers, institutional investors, and independent advisors with access to the full universe of Structured Product offerings. Through our role as a lead manager of debt origination, primary market access, and secondary market trading, we have established the firm as one of the industry leaders in Structured Products development and distribution. Learn more about JVB Structured Products