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J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC Business Continuity Planning

J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC (the “Firm”) has developed a Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) detailing how we will respond to events that could significantly disrupt our business. Since the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions is unpredictable, we will have to be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur. With that in mind, we are providing you with this information on our BCP.

Contacting Us – If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact us as you usually do, for example by telephone and/or by email, you may contact our Clearing Firm, Pershing, LLC. Please visit the Customer Support section of Pershing LLC’s website or call (201) 413-3635 for recorded instructions. If you cannot access the instructions from the web site or the previously noted telephone number, Pershing LLC may be contacted at (213) 624-6100, extension 500, as an alternate telephone number for recorded instructions. For repurchase or reverse repurchase transactions please contact the Firm directly.

Our Business Continuity Plan – We plan to recover and resume business operations as soon as possible after a business disruption, and respond by safeguarding our employees and property, making a financial and operational assessment, protecting our Firm’s books and records, and allowing us to transact business. In short, our BCP is designed to permit our Firm to resume operations as soon as possible, given the scope and severity of the business disruption.

Our BCP addresses: data back-up and recovery; mission critical systems; financial and operational assessments; alternative communications with customers, employees, and regulators; alternative physical location of employees; critical suppliers, contractors, bank and counter-party impact; regulatory reporting.

We backup our electronic records daily and maintain these records in a separate location.

Every emergency situation poses unique problems based on external factors, such as time of day, location and severity of the disruption. In the event of an emergency situation preventing access to or resulting in the loss or destruction of, our main computer hardware system and/or our servers located in our Main Office, located at 1633 Broadway, 28th Floor, New York, NY, and/or the data housed thereon, we anticipate that, once we have procured the necessary hardware, it may take approximately 5 business days to rebuild and restore this system and/or servers in order to read the off-site back up devices.

Varying Disruptions – Business disruptions can vary in their scope, such as a disruption only to the building housing our Main Office or one of our Branch Offices, the business district where our Main Office or one of our Branch Offices is located, the city where our Main Office or one of our Branch Office is located, or the whole region in which our Main Office and/or one of our Branch Offices is located. Within each of these areas, the severity of the disruption can also vary from minimal to severe.

Whether a disruption affects our Firm or a building housing one of our Firm offices only or the relevant business district, city, or region, we will either work at remote location(s) and/or transfer some or all of our operations to an unaffected alternate available site(s) where we would expect to recover and resume business as soon as possible. In any business disruption, we plan to continue in business and plan to resume normal operating activities as soon as possible. In any business disruption, we will notify you by telephone or other available communication means about how to contact us.

For more information – If you have questions about our business continuity planning, you can contact us at:

Stephan Burklin
Chief Operating Officer
J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC
1825 NW Corporate Blvd
Ste 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
e-mail: sburklin@jvbfinancial.com
T: 561-939-1214

Unable to Reach JVB

In the event that you are unable to reach J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC, you may contact our clearing firm, Pershing, LLC directly to process limited trade-related transactions, cash disbursements, and security transfers. Instructions to Pershing must be in writing and transmitted via facsimile or postal service as follows:

Pershing LLC
P.O. Box 2065
Jersey City, New Jersey 07303-2065
Fax: (201) 413-5368

For additional information about how to request funds and securities, please refer to the information below or call (201) 413-3635 for recorded instructions. If you cannot access the instructions from the previously noted telephone number, Pershing may be contacted at (213) 624-6100 extension 500 as an alternate telephone number for recorded instructions. Please visit www.pershing.com for further information.

The specific transactions Pershing will perform for clients of JVB, and the required accompanying information, are as follows:


Pershing will process the following closing security transactions:

  • Sale of security position held long in the client’s account
  • Buy of security to close-out short security position

Pershing will process closing security transactions upon receipt of written instructions that must include the following information:

  • Client brokerage account number
  • Client name (as registered on the brokerage account)
  • Security description, including symbol or CUSIP® number
  • Number of shares. NOTE: All orders will be handled as market orders.

Cash Disbursements

Pershing will process cash disbursements upon receipt of signed written instructions that must include the following information:

  • Client brokerage account number
  • Client name (as registered on the brokerage account)
  • Exact amount to be disbursed
  • Indicate method of disbursement (as follows) and provide the information indicated:
    1. Check (payable to account name only).
      • Indicate name and address of record check is to be mailed to
    2. Federal funds.
      • Indicate receiving bank name, ABA number, and receiving bank account number. NOTE: The receiving bank account name and brokerage account name must be identical unless we have a letter of authorization on file indicating alternate instructions.

Securities Transfers

Pershing will process security transfer requests upon written instructions that must include the following information:

  • Client brokerage account number
  • Client name (as registered on the brokerage account)
  • Description of security(ies) to be transferred, including symbol(s) or CUSIP number(s)
  • Quantity to be transferred
  • Receiving account information for securities, as follows:
    1. Transfer to another brokerage account at Pershing
      • Provide receiving account number at Pershing (name and address on both accounts must be the same)
    2. Transfer to another financial organization
      • Name of the receiving financial organization
      • DTC number (if the receiving financial organization is a registered broker-dealer)
      • Account number at the receiving financial organizationPrivacy/CIP Notice

Customer Information Privacy Principles

Like most industries today, the financial services industry is rapidly being shaped by technology, which is changing the way we do business. To be successful in this environment, it is essential that we use technology to manage and maintain certain personal customer information.

At J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC (“JVB”) our customers have access to a broad range of products and services through various sources. To deliver these products and services as effectively and conveniently as possible, it is essential that we use technology to manage and maintain certain customer information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect this personal information.

We want to assure all of our customers that whenever information is used, it is done with discretion. The safeguarding of customer information is an issue we take seriously at JVB. To affirm our continuing commitment to the proper use of customer information, we have set forth the following Privacy Principles. It is these Privacy Principles that guide us in serving the privacy needs of our customers.

1. Recognition of a Customer’s Expectation of Privacy:

At JVB, we believe the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. And while information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust. The safekeeping of customer information is a priority for JVB.  Thus, your privacy is not for sale.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will JVB sell your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

2. Use, Collection, and Retention of Customer Information:

JVB limits the use, collection, and retention of customer information to what we believe is necessary or useful to conduct our business, provide quality service, and offer products and services that may be of interest to our customers.

3. Maintenance of Accurate Information:

JVB recognizes that it must maintain accurate customer records. Therefore, we have established procedures to maintain the accuracy of customer information and to keep such information current and complete. These procedures include responding to requests to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner.

4. Limiting Employee Access to Information:

At JVB, we take precautions to ensure the information we collect about you is protected and is accessed only by authorized individuals or organizations.  We restrict access to personal information by our employees and agents. Employee access to personally identifiable customer information is limited to those with a business reason to know such information. Employees are trained and educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and on these Privacy Principles. Because of the importance of these issues, all JVB employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and employees who violate these Privacy Principles will be subject to disciplinary measures.

5. Protection of Information via Established Security Procedures:

JVB recognizes that a fundamental element of maintaining effective customer privacy procedures is to provide reasonable protection against the unauthorized access to customer information. Therefore, JVB has established appropriate security standards and procedures to guard access to customer information.

6. Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Customers:

JVB recognizes and respects the privacy expectations of our customers. We want our customers to understand our commitment to privacy in our use of customer information. As a result of our commitment, we have developed JVB’s Privacy Policy Statement, which is made readily available to our customers. Customers who have questions about the Privacy Policy Statement or about the privacy of their customer information should contact their JVB Representative, or contact our Compliance Department at compliance@jvbfinancial.com or (561) 416-5876.

These Privacy Principles apply to individuals, and we reserve the right to change these Privacy Principles, and any of the policies or procedures described above, at any time without prior notice. These Privacy Principles are for general guidance and do not constitute a contract or create legal rights and do not modify or amend any agreements we have with our customers.

Customer Information Program Notice


J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC is a broker dealer registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and we are a member of FINRA. We are required to comply with the letter, as well as the spirit, of all State and Federal rules and regulations. We are required to inform customers that we will take appropriate measures to verify the identities of customers and other counterparties. We will verify and confirm customer information provided in order to comply with: the “know your customer” rules; anti money laundering rules and laws; and anti terrorist statutes. We may take any and all of the following actions: verifying any information provided by you; contacting you by telephone; visiting your office; reviewing your website(s); and/or contacting references provided by you; as well as using (as needed) independent investigators, in order to verify your identities and to comply with these statutes.

Important Information You Need to Know about Opening a New Account

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

This notice answers some questions about our Customer Identification Program.

What types of information will I need to provide?

When you open an account, we are required to collect the following type of information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Business Address
  • Your Tax Identification Number
  • Legal Entity Documentation (ie certified articles of incorporation, government-issued business license, a partnership agreement or a trust agreement)

U.S. Department of the Treasury, Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, National Association of Securities Dealers  and New York Stock Exchange rules already require you to provide most of this information. These rules also may require you to provide additional information, such as your investment criteria, objectives and risk tolerance.

J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and is a member of FINRA, SIPC, and the NYSE.

What happens if I don’t provide the information requested or our identity can be verified?

We may not be able to open an account or carry out transactions for you. If your firm has already opened an account with us, we may need to close it.

Privacy Policy Statement

J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC (“JVB”), is committed to protecting our clients’ privacy.  JVB recognizes that an individual’s financial matters are extremely private and sensitive in nature and we have adopted policies and procedures that enable us to protect your privacy, while at the same time provide you with high quality financial products and services.

To help you understand how we protect your personal information, this notice describes our current privacy policy and practices. During the continuation of your relationship with JVB we will advise you of our privacy policy and practices annually, as required by law.

Your Privacy Is Not for Sale

At no time under any circumstances will JVB sell your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

You do not need to take any action as a result of this notice, but you do have certain rights as described below.

How We Collect Information About You

We collect information about you, which we may share now or in the future with our service providers.  We do this to help us identify you as our customer or our former customer, to process your transactions and requests quickly, to provide investment services to you or tell you about products or services we believe you may want and use.

Information we collect includes:

  • Information from you – When submitting your application, new account form, or requesting an insurance quote, you may give us information such as your name, address, Social Security number, financial, health and employment history.
  • Information about your transactions – We may keep information about your transactions with our company, for example, the products you purchase from us, the amount you paid for the insurance, your account balances, or payment history.
  • Information from outside our company – We may also collect other information that may include information from consumer reporting agencies such as your credit history, credit scores, driving or employment records.  It may also include information from other individuals or businesses, such as medical and demographic information.

We do not collect medical or health information in connection with securities business, except in relation to an application for a variable insurance product.

How We Treat Your Information

JVB may share the information described above with our service providers. These providers may require access to information about you to process or service transactions you have requested, to provide efficient customer services, or to inform you of our products or services you may find useful. Our service providers may be affiliated or unaffiliated, and may include financial service providers (for example, third party administrators, broker-dealers, insurance agents and brokers, registered representatives, companies that perform marketing services on our behalf, reinsurers, other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements) or non-financial companies and individuals (for example, consultants, vendors, and the Medical Information Bureau). Please be assured that we require these service providers to safeguard your personal information and to use or disclose it only for the work they are performing on our behalf, or as permitted by law.

We may provide information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law, or to others when we believe in good faith that the law requires it. In the event of a sale of all or part of one of our businesses, we may share customer information related to that business as part of the transaction. JVB does not sell or share your information with marketers outside our company who may want to offer you their own products and services. Nor do we share information we receive about you from a consumer-reporting agency.

Safeguarding Your Information

Keeping your information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We take precautions to ensure the information we collect about you is protected and is accessed only by authorized individuals or organizations.  We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. We restrict access to personal information by our employees.  Our employees are trained about privacy and are required to safeguard personal information.

Making sure your Information is Accurate

We want to make sure that we have accurate information about you. Generally, upon written request, we will make your personal information available for your review. Information we have collected in connection with or in anticipation of a claim or legal proceeding will not be made available. If you believe that any of our records are inaccurate, you may notify us in writing of any corrections, amendments or deletions that you believe should be made. Questions about accessing or correcting your personal information should be directed to J.V.B. Financial Group, LLC, 1825 NW Corporate Boulevard, Suite 100, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, Attn: Compliance Department. Please describe the information you wish to see or corrections required.

Privacy and Security

Information Security

The personal information, such as your name, company, telephone number or email address, that you provide when contacting JVB by email will not be shared, traded or sold to anyone outside of our company at anytime for any reason. We ask for the information to enable us to respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Use of Cookies, Site Tracking, and Logging of IP Addresses

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are usually used to store user saved preferences or to uniquely identify your browser. JVB currently utilizes cookies to assist us in tracking data for the visitations to our website.  We use this data to optimize our website and for marketing purposes.  Visitor statistics provided through this reporting (such as operating system, browser type, geographical information, network location, IP addresses, time of visit, pages visited, and referring site) does not include personally identifiable information such as names, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, social security numbers, or account numbers.

Data Protection

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect personal information.

Site Disclaimer and Important Disclosures

This site is for informational purposes only and does not in any sense constitute a solicitation or offer of the purchase or sale of securities that may be referenced herein, except where an offer is explicitly made through the availability of a prospectus on the site. The factual statements herein have been taken from sources we believe to be reliable, but such statements are made without any representation as to accuracy or completeness or otherwise. Prices shown are approximate and may change without notice. The views and information contained on this site are not meant as investment advice and are subject to change. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. This site is published in the United States and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.