Brokered CD Rates

Today's Date: 11/04/14


TermCoupon RangeAll-In Cost
2 month0.20 - 0.300.30 - 0.40
3 month0.25 - 0.350.35 - 0.45

All rates are Indications only, based upon Best Efforts Distribution and are subject to change.
Please contact us if you have a large funding need in any maturity
and/or interested in takedown levels.

Interest calculated on Actual/365 basis- 1yr or < interest @ maturity- > than 1yr interest @ semi-annual


Callable CD’s: 5yNC1y at 2.35% and 10yNC1y at 3.30% all in.

For more details, please contact us:

Michael Hughes
Managing Director
Office 845-774-2484
Mobile 914-450-5849

Dan Weaver
Vice President
Office 561-939-1241
Mobile 443-527-5065

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